Combining 3D Design With Engineering Expertise


Combining 3D Design With Engineering Expertise


Solar Visuals offers 3D modeling and rendering services for a wide array of proposed solar projects across the nation. We provide images to visualize your site plan for solar developers, designers, and individuals in the industry.

We have been in business for the past ten years, offering quality services at affordable prices for utility, commercial, and residential clients.

Solar Visuals

What We Do

Are you planning a solar project that is out of the ordinary and are having trouble explaining your idea? We will help you visualize it with our 3D rendering services, which helps you explain your idea and concept in the planning review meeting with your customer's HOA.

We provide rendering to all types of solar projects. From small to large, we have created renderings for hundreds of projects.

Why Choose Us

  • Professional solar site plan renderings
  • 3D visuals for any solar PV project
  • Quick turnaround and delivery
  • Commercial, residential, and carport solar PV configurations
  • Highly experienced team
Solar Visuals

Make Your Proposal Shine

Solar Visuals offers quality, cost-effective 3D rendering services, which help you stay ahead in the race and stand out from the crowd. We specialize in

  • Solar carports
  • Ground arrays
  • Commercial roof arrays
  • Residential HOA visuals, and
  • All other solar projects needing a visual

Send us your site plan and address, and we will quickly provide you a set of renderings to make your proposal shine and look its best.


Solar Visuals

Solar Visuals provides my firm with large-scale, high-resolution solar farm renderings that we have used at town board meetings, displays for trade shows and presentations at sales meetings. They do fantastic work in a timely fashion at a very reasonable cost. I highly recommend Solar Visuals to any solar companies looking for professional, high-quality renderings to accurately illustrate their solar designs–both residential and a large scale commercial.

Amanda Zurla

VP Commercial Sales, Green Street Solar Power

Solar Visuals has been an excellent partner of ours for visual materials to assist our sales and permitting process. They have been very responsive to deliverables while being competitive on pricing. We would definitely recommend them for your high-quality rendering needs.

Edgar Lim


Solar Visuals is a key project development resource. Their detailed and realistic solar renderings are a valuable tool for representing our proposed projects to off-takers, site hosts, and various community stakeholders.

Gabriel Wapner

Director, Hecate Energy

Solar Visuals not only develops very detailed and realistic solar site renderings but has also been very helpful in thinking through design issues on complex sites. In addition, they are extremely reliable and timely.

Kathleen Mooney

Director Site Acquisitions, Hecate Solar LA