Great attention to detail

Solar Visuals provides 3D modeling and rendering services for a wide array of proposed solar projects. Since 2010, we have been providing renderings for solar installers and developers and have modeled over 2,000 proposed solar installations. We are well versed in solar design and all the available roofing, carport, and ground array racking options, so we can quickly and accurately complete your project with a minimal interface. Using Sketchup and aerial tools, we can create aesthetically pleasing 3D renderings of your customer’s layout.

Why the Industry leaders in solar development turn to us Our customers include:

  • Sunpower Solaire
  • Entersolar
  • National Energy Partners
  • Ameresco
  • Green Street Solar
  • Forefront Power
  • Hecate Energy
  • Solar Design Associates
  • Orion Racking
  • Bluewave Capital
  • Carport Structures Corporation
  • Pure Power Solutions
  • Permacity
  • Lightsource BP
  • EVS Engineering
  • Namaste Solar
  • Skyline Steel
  • Skyview Ventures
  • Nexamp
  • Hannah Solar
  • REC Solar
  • Pfister Energy
  • Mass American
  • ConEdison
  • Lend Lease
  • Clean Energy Collective
  • Sol Systems
  • Valta Solar

Meet Paul Hollandsworth Owner and President

Paul Hollandsworth is the founder and CEO of Solar Visuals and loves being an entrepreneur in the solar PV industry. With an MSME degree from Ohio State University and BSME from Virginia Tech, seeking to transition into the nascent solar PV domain, Paul started as an outside sales rep for a solar carport vendor in 2009.

“I started modeling solar carports in SketchUp as a sales tool to educate prospective customers…it was such a novelty along the East Coast that very few customers had ever seen one before! Through that experience, I saw the need for professional 3D renderings within the solar industry and began Solar Visuals!”